We are a recruiting and consulting agency specialised in the foodservice and horeca sectors

Our mission is to provide foodservice manufacturers, distributors and operators as well as hotel and restaurant businesses with specialised recruitment and business solutions

Foodservice & Horeca

We specialise in connecting our clients with skilled kitchen and service personnel, as well as management, marketing, sales and logistics professionals across the whole span of the foodservice and horeca sectors.

We identify the best corporate and skilled candidates for foodservice distributors, manufacturers and operators as well as for businesses in the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

Whether you need a sous-chef for your kitchen, a manager for your hotel, or a specialised key account manager for your sales department, we take care of both your skilled and corporate personnel needs.

We firmly believe that an ideal candidate is not only a good professional, but an actual perfect match to a client’s particular modus operandi, strategic visions and expertise requirements. Our candidate assessment and recruiting methodologies are designed to identify that ideal candidate for your business.

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Our Recruitment

Our recruitment services fall under 2 categories:

1. Skilled Personnel for Restaurants, Hotels and Catering
We recruit the best chef, kitchen, service, F&B, and hospitality professionals at all levels.

2. Corporate / Business Professionals for Foodservice Manufacturers and Distributors
We identify the best management, marketing and sales foodservice professionals at all executive, director and managerial levels.

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SEP Horeca

Your long-term benefits: our exclusive services allow you to recruit professionals who will have a positive impact on your business’ growth, who will stay and grow with you, and with whom you develop trusted, meaningful and long-lasting relations.

  • In-person client needs assessment and submission of individualised job description and candidate profile
  • Comprehensive search strategy tailored to your specific requirements
  • Thorough, in-person interviews and assessment of every candidate using specialised interviewing techniques
  • Written submittal on each of the 3 candidates’ assessment and potential fit
  • Schedule and prepare both clients and candidates for the final in-person interviews
  • Conduct thorough reference and background checks
  • 3-month follow up with both clients and new employee to ensure smooth integration
  • 3-month guarantee: if needed, new recruitment search free-of-charge
  • Work in complete confidence, maintaining the integrity of your public image
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