When you run up against recruitment walls, we are here to help

At SEP Horeca, we invest in long-term personal and professional growth. We take extra care in matching talents to demand, because we understand that every individual and every business has skills, visions, characteristics, and needs of its own

About us

Our job is not only to identify those perfect matches, but also to help our clients and talents develop trusted, meaningful and long-lasting relations.
To achieve this, Sep Horeca foregoes automated, impersonal recruitment processes and instead offers exclusive, personalised services. Our individual candidate assessment and evaluation processes focus on quality, versus quantity.
The personalising factor is becoming increasingly important at a time when the foodservice and horeca sectors are confronted with a number of great challenges, the most serious of those being skills and personnel shortages.

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Our mission

Is to provide foodservice manufacturers, distributors and operators as well as hotel and restaurant businesses with specialised recruitment and business solutions. In order to achieve this, we utilise our large network, deep understanding of high end gastronomy, as well as our specialised background in headhunting in the foodservice and horeca sectors.
The underlying principle behind our processes is the emphasis on client-tailored, in-person and analytical candidate evaluation.


SEP Horeca is a division of Grupo Caterdata, the Spanish publishing company behind the renowned haute cuisine chef events&contests Koch des Jahres, Patissier des Jahres, Concurso Cocinero del Año, the waiter contest Concurso Camarero del Año, as well as the celebrity chef agency Chefservices.

Founded in 1989 in Barcelona, Grupo Caterdata has since developed divisions offering a wide range of services supporting the foodservice sector and has expanded it’s activities to the German speaking countries and beyond. SEP Horeca began operations in southern Europe and Latin America in 2008, and is benefiting from an accumulated combined experience in gastronomy and its allied sectors as well as a unique contacts network across Europe.