SEP Horeca benefits

Why SEP Horeca – We are Europe’s leading experts in gastronomy


We know chefs! And all their friends in the horeca and foodservice sectors!
SEP Horeca, together with the high-end culinary contests Koch des Jahres, Patissier des Jahres, Concurso Cocinero del Año, Concurso Camarero del Año, and the celebrity chef agency Chefservices, are part of a vast European contacts network and have built trusted partnerships with major players in gastronomy and the foodservice industry, from upcoming or Michelin-star chefs to hotel and restaurant owners to entrepreneurs and foodservice sales, marketing and management executives.


We have been operating in the foodservice and horeca sectors in Europe for nearly two decades and have developed a deep understanding of its particular needs. We are highly specialised and have a very successful track record -our offices in Spain have an extended client portfolio from both the hotel&restaurant and the foodservice business sectors, which reflects our expertise, quality of services and the trust that our clients place on us.


As an exclusive, specialising headhunting agency, we place great value on understanding our clients’ specific modus operandi, and on providing client-tailored solutions. Our client-tailored recruitment processes have been honed to guarantee the best candidate matches specifically for businesses and restaurants in the foodservice and horeca sectors across Europe.

Our Guarantee

To demonstrate our trust and confidence, we offer a 3-month follow up as well as trial guarantee to all our clients: we facilitate employer-employee relations and the integration process -and if needed, we are ready to begin anew the selection process for your business, free of charge!