Recruitment processes

Our mission is to provide foodservice manufacturers, distributors and operators as well as hotel and restaurant businesses with specialised recruitment and business solutions.

1. Individualised, specialised services

Our business and horeca recruitment processes have been honed to guarantee the best candidate matches specifically for businesses and restaurants in the foodservice and horeca sectors across Europe.

2. Personalised Needs Assessment

As an exclusive, specialising headhunting agency, we place great value on understanding our clients’ specific modus operandi, and on providing client-tailored solutions. For this reason our processes begin with an introductory, in-person session with you, in order to assess your business’ specific needs and define your particular recruitment criteria.

3. Our offer

Based on the information collected and the needs assessment, we compile a recruitment offer, comprising an analytical Job Description, a Candidate Profile, as well as and our pricing. These documents are a systematised reflection of the your business’ specific recruitment needs and form the basis for our candidate search.

4. Candidate search and evaluation

At SEP Horeca we invest in quality, rather than quantity: we conduct extensive, individual and in-person evaluations with selected candidates, so as to guarantee the bast matches to your criteria.
Our basic search parameters include:
· Job history
· Training/educational profile
· Professional experience
· Skills and competencies
· Work conditions and salary expectations
· Professional development goals
· Work ethics and approach .
Advanced parameters are then added to match your particular specifications.

5. In-person interviews with 3 final candidates

After our candidate research and evaluation, we identify the 3 best matches, and invite them all to an interview with you. We organise the in-person interview with the 3 candidates at your offices, facilitate the process, and support you with the final selection.

6. Recruitment and 3 months follow-up

During the first 3 months of your contract with your new employer, we conduct follow-ups with both parties on adaptation, performance and satisfaction levels. This contributes to optimal employer-employee relationships and eases the assimilation/adaptation/integration processes.

7. Extra benefit: free 3-month trial guarantee

SEP Horeca builds relationships based on trust. This is why we provide all our clients with a 3 month trial period guarantee. If needed, we are ready to begin anew the selection process and identify 3 new candidates for your business, free of charge -after all, our goal is to generate the best personnel solution for you!